Packwhite is able to make a complete single-use system for the transport, storage and handling of liquids during their production processes and fulfill all the requirements concerning the particle measuring and serility control protocols.

Our solution range goes from to 2D to 3D and from 5 ml to 5.000 l capacity.

Our Packwhite® film is a COEX multi-layer system with a high mechanical resistance, chemical and biological compatibility and all its parameters and features are documented.

Our film has been developed and certified for biopharmaceutical applications and its temperature operativity range goes from -80°C up to +60°C.

Besides the supply availability of the main joint connections that are available on the market, we can also supply all the equipment to contain and transport the liquids as preformed supports made of plastic or steel.

This system further reduces the biological processes risks while also representing a reduction in the costs for the sterilizations and additional checks and processes.

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